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Hey everyone, welcome to Ramble Design & Goods! Based in Upstate New York, we design stationery and goods that feature things we love. That means hand-drawn illustrations, beautiful typography, the Adirondacks, our favorite architecture, watercolors, humor, and a lot more. We hope you love it too! 

If you’re familiar with us, you might know that we’re the same team behind Sidekick Creative, a graphic design studio in Glens Falls, New York. When we began Sidekick in April 2017 (only a few months ago!), we focused on providing branding, illustration and graphic design services for our diverse clientele. We soon began creating our own stationery and art prints on the side; attending local craft fairs and selling our work on Etsy. After a couple months of this Sidekick side-hustle (and getting great feedback from our community and customers!), we realized it was taking on a life of its own. We wanted to give this venture room to grow, so we decided it needed its own separate brand, website, and social media. 

When we decided to create a brand from scratch, the three of us knew what the name would be without even talking to each other. "Ramble" was the runner-up at the end of our weeks-long name exploration that led to Sidekick. It was a name that we absolutely loved, (for reasons to follow) but we ultimately felt that "Sidekick Creative" better represented our graphic design services. 

Okay, so what does Ramble mean? We started our business in April and all three partners are April babies. Will and Cara are Aries (the ram), and Kelli is Taurus (the bull). Put them together and you get Ram-Bull. During our first month in business, we were looking for any sign that quitting our jobs and making this leap was a smart move. So, we did what any shrewd entrepreneur would do and kept a close eye on our horoscopes—especially on our birthdays. Below are some of the astrological snippets from each of our birthdays that gave us a little reassurance:
“Far fetched dreams will come true this year.”
“What happens over the next 10 weeks turns you into the boss.”
“You’ve wished for a work life that’s colorful and exciting, and that’s what you’ll get this year.”
“Freedom at last.”
It seemed to be “in the stars”, as they say. 

We changed the phonetic "Rambull" to "Ramble", mostly to prevent people from writing and pronouncing it incorrectly. But we also really felt strongly about the word “Ramble”. While we definitely don’t consider ourselves the next Bear Grylls, we certainly like to be outside! We love the Adirondacks and try to capture a sense of wanderlust in our work. We all love to travel (as we're writing this, Kelli is globetrotting across the Mediterranean!). We also like to pace ourselves and we have a tendency to be slightly long-winded, too! Have you noticed? All the connotations of the word "Ramble", along with the mash-up of our Zodiac signs, was the perfect metaphor for our new venture.

Stay tuned as we share new designs, new collections, fun happenings, and more. Haven’t heard from us in a while? Give us a shout, we’d love to chat!